Humans of Canalside is a collective portrait told through photographs, stories and short films.

Residents of Canalside tell the story of the estates to each other and to you: stories about the past, present and future, noting small things as well as big issues, stories of ‘home’ and elsewhere, about dreams, mixed memories, loves, fears and diverse ways of living on the estates.

Humans of Canalside is inspired by the original Humans of New York but differs in its participatory approach by involving communities living on the Canalside Estate in Hackney, London in the photographing and creative storytelling process.

Workshops and mentoring programmes with individuals and different groups include photography and interviewing skills focusing on what it means to live everyday on Canalside. We’re working closely with the Canalside Residents Association, the Metropolitan Housing Team, and with local businesses and community groups.

This activity is led by Hackney photographer, Marcia Chandra, in collaboration with Counterpoints Arts and Shoreditch Trust as part of the Everyday on Canalside project.

For more, contact Marcia at 07854638302 or email





Humans of Canalside launches!

We officially launched the Humans of Canalside project on June 7 at the Canalside Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting and street party at the Whitmore Community Centre.

Local residents, housing association reps, as well as community […]