On a cold and sunny (did we mention, cold?) Sunday in January, the Humans of Canalside team took the Storybooth out to the Haggerston East courtyard.

Though not a lot of people were willing to brave the cold (yes, some thought we were a bit nuts), we had some great conversations with those that did. Even some kids from our Youth of Haggerston workshop showed up— Sonny McCook ended up interviewing and photographing his sister for the blog. We love that photo!

Many thanks to Dijana, Justin and Piero for help in setting up and interviewing. And special thanks to our new friend, Bill, for providing us with electricity from his house to power the printer. What are neighbours for!

Read the stories from Bill, Damien, Emily, Elizabeth and Michael here.

And get in touch with us if you’d like to have your photo taken for the blog—we’ll give you a printed photo as well!

https://31.media.tumblr.com/a8517e37823171b8f0c8efd830f4d9e4/tumblr_inline_nkpcj4aiac1sh5m2h.jpg Originally shared on the Humans of Canalside Tumblr blog http://humansofcanalside.org/post/112712383592