Our first exhibition launched on Wednesday, July 16, at Waterhouse Restaurant with a private view for residents and friends, the Metropolitan Housing Team and lots of other interested folk.

Delicious food prepared and presented on the night – thanks to the wonderful Waterhouse team for their hospitality! A big thank you to Canalside Residents who participated in the Photostorybooth and came to see!

A very special debut for young photographers, Sonny McCook and Chloe Bruce, showing photos produced during the Youth of Haggerston photography and storytelling workshop. Also on view are Marcia Chandra’s beautiful series taken at Whitmore Community Centre and Bryant Court on 7 June.

The exhibition will be on from 17 July to 30 August at Waterhouse Restaurant, 10 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ.

Images by Marcia Chandra.