We officially launched the Humans of Canalside project on June 7 at the Canalside Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting and street party at the Whitmore Community Centre.

Local residents, housing association reps, as well as community workers from Youth of Haggerston were asked to reflect on living and working on the Canalside Estate.

They were then photographed by Hackney-based photographer, Marcia Chandra, and a portrait and quote from their interview was printed to take home. Portraits were hung on a makeshift ‘exhibition’ wall on the street, creating a dynamic focal point for collective conversation and viewing.

By the end of the afternoon, we had captured some rich conversations with multi-generation family members, recent migrants and even former residents who regularly return to Canalside.

View all the stories collected here.

The team: interviewers Dijana Rakovic and Áine O’Brien (Counterpoints Arts), Justin O’Shaughnessy (Shoreditch Trust), and photographer Marcia Chandra.

Below are images of the Humans of Canalside Photostorybooth in action (photos by Ian Buswell).

Originally posted on Humans of Canalside Tumblr blog http://humansofcanalside.org/post/90509040827/humans-of-canalside-launches