Photo by Marcia Chandra

In June, Humans of Canalside started working with Youth of Haggerston to mentor some young Canalside residents in the ‘photobooth’ interview process. After a workshop with several members of the youth club, two budding photographers—Sonny McCook and Chloe Bruce—continued to be mentored by the project.

Over five weeks, they learned how to do street portraiture, and how to get good stories from short interviews. They used camera and audio recording equipment, edited their work and the results were uploaded to Humans of Canalside, as well as exhibited as part of the project’s first exhibition in July & August 2014.

In a short time, Sonny and Chloe managed to find some great stories in the neighbourhood from both residents as well as outsiders who spend time in Canalside. Both are excited to continue working with the project and they’ll be joining the team as we embark on the next series of workshops starting September.

View the series they produced here.

Some behind the scenes photos below:

All photos © Marcia Chandra Originally shared on the Humans of Canalside Tumblr blog