Simple Acts at Canalside inspires individuals to use small actions to improve their immediate environment. This can happen through engaging with neighbours. Or opening up conversations on subjects that affect neighbours; or discovering more about different cultures in the community. Simple Acts at Canalside provides tools for community activism from the ground up.

We’ll be working with residents, neighbours and friends to inspire, discuss, design, develop and share Simple Acts at Canalside.

Simple Acts can create the potential for richer communication between neighbours and different sections of the community, and between residents and the management staff on the Estate.

These small and ‘simple acts’ can include actions around (for example):

  • Sharing food across the Estate.
  • Swapping personal stories and histories across the Estate.
  • Connecting those personal stories to the history of the Estate.
  • Looking at the rich cultural mix on the Estate.
  • Reflecting on the architecture and green spaces on the Estate.
  • Looking at the way older people and families experience the Estate.

We’ve started the Simple Acts on Canalside circle of community members who want to help inspire ‘simple acts.’ Contact Dijana at



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