Since January, Simple Acts on Canalside has been working with the Golden Age Club to bring to life the past and the present in a creative community map. Together we’re talking (and mapping) about the good old days, old pub memories, stories of local trouble makers and heroes, things that were fought for during regeneration of the Estates, and what the community looks like now. The map will be a document of some of the memories and history shared by members of the Golden Age Club, many of whom have been living in the area for most of their adult lives. So far, we’ve been collaborating with Terry, Gerry, Maude, Maureen, Jimmie, Hilda, and Ben.

The map will be exhibited at the upcoming Film Trail event on March 28, and we’ll then be inviting residents of all ages to start to contribute to the map sharing their memories and experience of living in Canalside.

The Golden Age Club is organized by Terry Downey and meets every Tuesday from 10-12 at the Whitmore Community Centre. All Canalside residents 50+ are welcome. For info on the Golden Age Club, contact 020 7739 0685 or email

Simple Acts on Canalside is organized by Dijana, 020 7012 1761.

Images above taken at one of our community mapping sessions by Marcia Chandra.